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Venezia Active Set


The Venezia active set, designed to elevate your activewear collection with a touch of allure and comfort. The set features a flattering and subtly scrunch butt design, ensuring a perfect fit that enhances your curves while providing a confidence-boosting look.

The set's centerpiece is the Twisted Sports Bra, meticulously crafted to offer both support and style. Its unique twist detailing adds a trendy element, while the high-quality fabric ensures supreme comfort during workouts and daily wear. The sports bra's design provides excellent coverage and support, making it suitable for various physical activities.

Made with premium materials, this Venezia Set guarantees durability and longevity, with a focus on delivering maximum performance and maintaining its shape even after frequent use. Embrace the confidence and relaxation that comes with wearing this sophisticated and super comfortable activewear set, allowing you to look and feel your best in every situation.

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Venezia Active Set



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